Frequently asked questions

Do Chammach: where and how

How does Do Chammach work?

We will initiate the project by creating a list of recipes you want covered. We then co-create a calendar that schedules cook days along with recipes to be cooked on each of those days. After the cooking sessions are completed, we will work on compiling the first draft of the cook book which shall be shared with you for feedback. At which stage, you could propose changes to the text and recipes, if any. We encourage you to provide us with content including a letter of introduction, messages from family members, old family photos, etc., which would help make this book truly personal. Once our text is in final form, we will select pictures to publish and finalise number of copies to print. We will then print one hard copy of the book which shall be given to you to do an additional round of proofreading. At this point, any material changes to layout or text will be chargeable. Once you give us the go ahead, we do a print run and deliver the book(s) to you for further distribution.

How do you document the recipes?

A cooking schedule of recipes to be record is created. Recipes being cooked will be documented with notes on process, ingredients, and cook times. Each session shall be captured through a still camera and microphone to enable us to insert detailed notes into the recipes. We typically use global standard measurements (US) though we would be happy to work with an alternate units of measurement if you so prefer. For categories such as pickles and desserts, where precision is key, recipes shall be provided by weight.

My mother/ grandmother lives outside Mumbai, can you still cover her?

Yes! We will travel to your home kitchen to cook. However, travel, accommodation and out-of-pocket travel expenses will be chargeable on actuals.

How long will it take you to complete my family's book?

Timelines vary based on the number of recipes you want covered as well as the design. Crafting your book could take anywhere between 1-3 months. Please write to us for a more detailed estimate.

Do I have say in how the book looks and reads?

Yes, absolutely. The book will come to you for review and edit at three stages.
The first round of review will involve you making changes to the text - recipe and stories. Once the first draft has beeen finalised, the book will be sent to a designer to be placed in layout and illustrated. The second draft of the book will be given to you in layout and you may make minor changes to the proposed design. The third stage and final stage of review will involve you proofreading your book in layout. No substantial changes will be possible at this stage without you incurring additional cost. You may make small corrections, in case there are any spellings or grammatical errors.

Can you also document the stories and family anecdotes my mother shares with you during cooking?

Yes. of course! Capturing the stories and history behind the food you eat is why Do Chammach exists.

Print and design

How many copies can I get printed?

The numbers of printed copies depends entirely on you. Please contact us with your specific requirement.

Can we get a soft copy of the book along with the printed books?

Once the hard copies have been delivered and invoices honoured, we will release a soft copy of your book for you to share with family and friends!

Can you customise the design to our specifications?

Yes, absolutely. Your book is made for you, with you. Your input and aesthetic will be used to create the design brief.

Is the cover of the book customizable?

Yes, absolutely. Your book is made for you, with you. Your input and aesthetic will be used to create the design brief.

Will the book be a hard bound book or have a soft cover? Is there an option for spiral bound book?

The binding can be customised to your requirement, we work with a book binding craftswoman to provide you a range of beautiful binding options.

Can I have illustrations in my book in my book instead of photographs?

You may elect to have illustrations or photographs of both. Your book, your way - is our motto!

What if we need extra copies of the book on completion of the project?

Additional copies can be made available, however they will be chargeable and rates may vary from the time of the initial print.

Cooking sessions

Where does the cooking take place?

We expect to cook at a kitchen space provided/arranged by you. In case you would like us to rent a professional kitchen, we will charge you the rental cost at actuals

Who buys all the ingredients required for the cooking process? Who arranges for all the cooking utensils etc?

The active cooking will be carried out at your premises. You are expected to provide the ingredients, materials and equipment required.

What if we can not cook all the recipes planned for that day and need an extra day to cover all the recipes planned?

Due to the nature of the project, we understand if there’s a day or two when your mother isn’t able to stick to calendar. However, the project is built assuming we can cover 3 recipes a day. If during the project, we find we are struggling to adhere to the cooking calendar and timelines, then we will re-assess the project and cost.


How much do you charge for a project?

Our prices start at INR 45,000. Please get in touch for a detailed estimate. You will be charged as a function of number of recipes and number of copies. You may also opt for photography, illustrations and personalised hand-bound covers.

Do you offer a discount for 2 or more projects commissioned by the same family?

Contact us and we will give you an estimate based on your requirements.


Will you provide the serveware and table accessories for the food photographs?

No, we will be bringing the equipment required for photography but serveware and table accessories used will be your own.

Do we get to approve of the photographs of the food?

If you would like to select pictures, you are welcome to do so. We will send you pictures and you can tell us which ones you would like to include.

Will you take pictures of my Mother while cooking with her?

If you elect to include photography, we will be taking pictures of your mother while cooking as well as portrait shots of her for the cover. This is her book, we want her in the spotlight!

Will every recipe have a photo?

We’re happy to include a photograph for every recipe, however that will impact the page count and therefore the cost.


What kind of recipes do you cover?

Any recipe your family deems important enough to document can be covered by us - from pickles to laddus.

I only want to document a few recipes, I don't have enough for a whole book. Can you still cover my family?

We can cover as few as 10 recipes. Contact us and we'll get in touch!

My mother makes different versions of the same dish. Do you also capture variations?

Yes, we like to celebrate the creativity of our chefs. If a recipe has variations or small tweaks, we will be happy to include those in the base recipe.

Do you also test the recipes independently?

Do Chammach does not test recipes independently. We document while you cook and record recipes diligently. In case you require us to cook the recipes again to test them, please specify your requirements when you engage us.

Intellectual property

Can you sell our family book to a publisher without our approval?

No, we cannot. Do Chammach takes your intellectual property very seriously. Our contract provides for your consent as well as a revenue share agreement in case we find a publisher.